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Visiting Devon - Going on holiday with your dog.

Visiting Devon  - Going on holiday with your dog.
Visiting Devon- Going on holiday with your dog

With more people choosing to holiday in Devon this year and with so many dog-friendly places to stay we have put together our guide on having a stress-free holiday with your dog.

It can be really difficult trying to find somewhere/someone to look after your dog when you are away on holiday and you can find yourself constantly worrying about them when you are away.
Taking your dog on holiday can be a really rewarding experience - a great way to spend time together. For many of us, a holiday just would not be the same without taking our four-legged friend with us. However many pets will find the change in routine, environment, and travelling stressful, so you'll need to decide what's best for them.
There are a few things to organise to make sure your time away with your dog is as stress frees as possible.


Where to stay?

As a Devon Based business, we know how beautiful and diverse the South West is. From amazing beaches to rolling countryside and Exmoor and Dartmoor to name just a few of the destinations to choose from.
So many more places now offer dog-friendly accommodation from self-catering, caravan holidays, camping, and hotels - you should be able to find something that suits your requirements and budget.

Whether you are looking for a coast-based holiday so your dog can run on the beach and splash in the sea as well as enjoy the numerous coastal footpaths in the region or a walk on the rugged moors of Exmoor or Dartmoor you will never be stuck for a beautiful walk with your dog.

Here are a few websites to get you started on your search:

Booking your holiday

When you have chosen your accommodation make sure that you notify the owner of your intention to bring your dog/dogs. Check that the property and the garden area are large enough if you are bringing along more than one dog.

Ensuring the garden area is secure and well fenced is also very important so you can relax and know that your dog is safe and secure and cannot escape.

Check on whether there are any restrictions /pet rules on where the dog can go in the accommodation. Some owners prefer not to have dogs in bedrooms and on sofas. If your dog is used to sleeping with you, this might be possible if you bring your own bedding, but this will need to be agreed with the owner beforehand.

Most accommodation will not let you leave your dog alone so you will need to make sure you are always able to take the dog with you when you are out and about. If allowed and you can leave your dog alone for a short period be prepared and know they are ok to be left and will not suffer from anxiety. It is worth noting that some holiday accommodation can arrange a dog sitting service so you can get out without your dog for a day.

Packing for your Dog

Trying to be prepared and thinking about what your dog may need on holiday will help them be comfortable when they are in a different place. A happy dog makes for a stress-free holiday for you!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Dog Bed & Blankets. Your dog will settle quickly and feel more at home if they have their own dog bed. The familiar scent will help them adjust to their new environment.
  • Water and Food Bowls
  • First Aid Kit. A simple kit is essential in case your dog has an injury. Checking out the location of the local vet is a good idea before you travel.
  • Dog Towels. Pack some towels for drying off your dog and cleaning muddy paws.
  • Dog Treats. Good for recall when you are on a busy beach or a dog chew to help them settle at the end of the day.
  • Then there are the everyday essentials: Food. Dog harness and lead. Poo Bags and medications.

Travelling with your dog 



It's worth organising your journey before you leave especially if it's a length car journey, so you
know where you can stop and get your dog out for short walks and have a drink.

Some dogs, like humans, can suffer from travel sickness so identify any problems in advance and you then have time to consult a vet if needed. If your dog does not regularly travel in the car build-up with lots of shortened journeys in the run-up to your holiday and this will help reduce travel anxiety for our dog.


A crate is worth considering for a journey. It will give your dog somewhere comfortable and safe to be whilst you are travelling. Do make sure you do some research and buy the correct size for your dog that allows enough space for them to lie down, turn around and sit upright. Spend some time before going on holiday getting your dog used to being in the crate by using positive methods so your dog is happy to go in and settle. You may like to invest in a no-spill bowl to pop in the crate in the back of the car.

Wherever you go on holiday with your dog we hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable time together.

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