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The Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

The Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Cats need a lot of stimulation, especially indoor cats who don’t go out and entertain themselves. That’s why the best cat toys for indoor cats are ones that encourage them to work and engage their minds and bodies.

The first thing you should know is that you will need to get a variety of toys for new cats or kittens, as they may get bored of playing with the same toy over and over with no other options. In turn, this may lead to destructive behaviour such as scratching furniture or chewing things they’re not supposed to.

Some of the best cat toys for indoor cats are:

Pop up play spaces and hideaway burrows

Pop up play spaces and hideaway burrows are great toys for indoor cats because they give them their own safe space while also allowing them to burrow and play hide and seek. Pop up play spaces come in a range of styles and often have a refillable catnip pouch which gives your cat extra incentive to play.

Soft toys

Soft toys are one of the best cat toys because of their versatility; they are available in many different forms, and your cat can play with them on their own or you can play too. Your cat can scratch, bite and chase soft toys and will find toys that crackle or contain catnip especially stimulating.

Toys you can hide treats in

There are many cat toys that allow you to hide treats, such as peek-a-boo boxes and puzzle pockets. These toys encourage your cat to work to earn a treat which can be great entertainment for them, especially when they are home alone.

Scratching post/cat play zones

Scratching posts are one of the best cat toys for all cats and are especially good at alleviating boredom. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch things as it helps them remove material from their claws and these posts give them a place to do it without destroying your furniture.

You can get more traditional scratching posts such as the Cat Scratcher Ultima or this Cat Scratcher Hideout from Gor Pets that combines a scratching post with a multi-level play zone.

Catnip toys

Catnip is a herb from the mint family that cats love the smell of. Catnip contains an essential oil called nepetalactone that triggers a physiological response in cats that makes them want to jump, lick, roll and just generally play. 

That’s why any toys which you can fill with catnip are some of the best toys for indoor cats as you can be sure your cat will love playing with them, and they can be very distracting, which is useful if you need to leave them on their own.

KONG have a great range of toys for cats

KONG are well-known for their great range of dog toys, but they also produce fantastic products for cats. These include their soft toyspuzzlement pockets, and this Cat Play Spaces Burrow, which encourages pounce and play, hide and seek, and includes hunt-and-find crinkle attachments that help them to fulfil their natural instincts to hunt.


Indoor cats need lots of stimulation so you need to provide them with toys that you can use to play with them, as well as toys they can play with on their own so that they don’t get bored and destructive when you leave them. You can view our full range of cat products for more inspiration.

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